June 17, 2021
Share Your Story: Zaria Cards

This greeting card company offers personalized handmade creations.

Zaria Cards is a greeting card company that specializes in one-of-a-kind designs. N’jeri Agyeman, co-founder of Zaria Cards, explained that its cards are authentically handmade and designed and produced in-house.

Zaria Cards
Zaria Cards founders. All photos courtesy of Zaria Cards.

“Our cards are meant to give a personalized and scrapbook feel as if your family member, loved one and/or friend sat down to personally make you a card,” Agyeman shared.

Self Care Birthday Card from Zaria Cards
Self Care Birthday Card

Additionally, Zaria Cards offers a customization service that enables customers to customize a single or multiple card order. The customization can be made to the illustration, card stock, color and even the messaging.

Stressed Spelled Backwards Card from Zaria Cards
Stressed Spelled Backwards Card

“Our cards come in our one-of-a-kind Zaria Cards designer gift boxes to provide the full experience from the moment our customers order the card to the moment they receive a Zaria Card,” Agyeman said.


A Toast Card from Zaria Cards
A Toast Card

Agyeman noted that the most requested items in inventory at the time this was written were the Self Care Birthday Card, Stressed Spelled Backwards Birthday Card and A Toast Card.

Zaria Cards also has other designs that are performing well:

Abstract Momma’ Love

Abstract Momma' Love from Zaria Cards

Love Card

Love Card from Zaria Cards

The Baddest Birthday Card

The Baddest Birthday Card

Chill Birthday Card

Chill Birthday Card from Zaria Cards

This year, Zaria Cards joined the Greeting Card Association and attended *Noted: The Greeting Expo this spring. “Being that we are a new company, we are learning the ropes of this exciting industry,” Agyeman shared. “We are excited to have just joined the Greeting Card Association and for this to be our first year attending the Greeting Card Noted Expo as a first-time exhibitor.”

Retail Tip from Zaria Cards

“So far on our journey as a new company we have learned that finding the right printer is so important and probably the biggest challenge you’ll have when starting a greeting card company. It’s totally normal for it to take some time until you find the perfect fit for your brand and don’t feel the need to rush this part of the process,” Agyeman said. “Take your time so that you are genuinely happy with your product.”

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