June 7, 2021
Share Your Story: La Casa de Murcia

A maker that honors Salvadorian heritage and strong matriarchs.

La Casa de Murcia’s founder, Jennifer Murcia, reached out to Stationery Trends’ Share Your Story initiative and we learned that this maker “is a one-woman show” that was created to honor Murcia’s Salvadorian heritage, strong matriarchs and her San Francisco roots.

At the beginning, La Casa de Murcia created and sold fashion accessories but expanded its offerings to also include office and home items. “Our store focuses on sustainability by recycling old fabrics and prints to create strong home décor,” said Murcia. Office and fashion offerings are all created and made by La Casa de Murcia, and items in the Home and Living Section are designed by Murcia and printed through an retailer.

Bookmarks from La Casa de Murcia

Murcia aspires to develop a well-known brand “that celebrates Salvadorian excellence and employs a small but elite team of seamstresses and graphic/web designers, particularly women of color who are underrepresented in positions of design and leadership.”

Read on to learn what La Casa de Murcia revealed in its Share Your Story submission!

Has your business modified online services in today’s challenging climate? If so, please explain.

JM: I am a B2C business but have made progress across the board to make like easier for consumers and retailers alike. As part of my efforts to clean up my brand vision and brand identity, I have launched my own website (with a bilingual component) to make it easier for English and Spanish speakers to navigate, shop and interact with me. Furthermore, I decided to expand my product offerings from just fashion accessories to include office and home needs.

Zip Pouches from La Casa de Murcia

I released my Tropics Stationery Collection (to help with office organization needs), The Art of Pen and Paper journal collection to help those find comfort in the art of journaling, and even tea and saucer sets perfect for an afternoon coffee break. The great part is that Contrado does allow me to sell wholesale, which means I would be delighted to work with retailers interested in selling my design!

How do you plan on introducing new products to buyers?

JM: Social media engagement through the creation of lookbooks, networking with fellow creators and videos.

How are you assisting retailers with immediate and future inventory needs?

JM: Working on Contrado makes life easier because I can order wholesale and order in large quantities.

What helpful tips would you like to share with retail buyers during these unprecedented times?

JM: Support BIPOC businesses that create content that speaks to their heritage, language(s) and celebrates their culture. As a Latina woman of Salvadorian heritage, I have struggled to find items and businesses that create items that speak to the experiences of how I grew up. What I do find in large stores can feel inauthentic and scripted. I want something that reflects the cultural aspects of being raised Latina but growing up American.

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P.O. Box 128
Sparta, MI 49345


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