July 1, 2019
Industry Profile on Fawn Paper Co.

Fawn Paper Co. has grown from its humble beginnings in a small apartment in 2013 into a very successful Manhattan operation providing made in the USA product, which is eco-friendly and stocked on so many retail shelves. Caroline Ruiz, owner and designer, may have a passion for dogs, but she also has one for designing and creating.

Fawn Paper, Caroline Ruiz Photo
Fawn Paper Co. owner and designer, Caroline Ruiz. All photos courtesy of Fawn Paper Co.

With a wide range of product, which all retails for under $50 dollars, Fawn Paper Co.’s products provides retailers a mix of merchandise for customers. Stationery Trends had the opportunity to learn more about Caroline Ruiz and Fawn Paper Co. and here is what we discovered.

Stationery Trends (ST): Please describe the various products you offer?

Caroline Ruiz (CR): Fawn Paper Co. offers a variety of paper goods and giftables that are designed to inspire smiles. Lovers of dogs, beer, and plants will feel right at home with our line of products.

ST: There are some things that are timeless—a little black dress or the perfect martini comes to mind. What epitomizes “timeless” for you when it comes to stationery?

CR: A sincere sentiment that will resonate for years to come. Our To Have & To Hold card comes to mind.

Fawn Paper Co. Have and Hold Card
To Have and Hold Card

ST: What are your three top-selling products?

CR: Sweet Ass Birthday Card, Oodles of Thanks Card and Garden Tools.

Fawn Paper Co Oodles of Thanks Card
Oodles of Thanks Card

ST: What have you learned about running a stationery and gift business that’s surprised you?

CR: I am better with numbers than I thought! I also spend a lot more time with numbers than I initially realized.

ST: If you were a stationery product, what would you be?

CR: I would be a notepad! Preferably adorned with pups – I love writing lists.

Fawn Paper Co Ducks in a Row Notepad
Ducks in a Row Notepad

ST: What is the best buy under $50?

CR: All of our products actually retail for under $50.

Fawn Paper Co Sweet Ass Birthday Card
Sweet Ass Birthday Card

ST: What is your best splurge product?

CR: Our Garden Tool set!

Fawn Paper Co. Garden Tools

ST: What is your design process when adding a new product? What kind of research is involved?

CR: I keep a running list of ideas and phrases on my phone. I read through that list when I sit down to design new products. I often sketch things out first to visualize how the design will lay out.

ST: Any tips for others in the stationery industry?

CR: Just get started! Also, Proof to Product is a great resource. I wish I knew about it when I first started out.

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