October 31, 2018
Hallmark Home & Gifts partners with OneCoast

Hallmark Home and Gifts announces J.C. and Rollie, a heritage home décor and gifting brand. Focused on putting a premium on honest materials and thoughtful design, J.C. and Rollie strives to lead the competition, not follow it.

“We’re inspired by our past, by an era when craftsmen took pride in their work and every last detail was purposeful and carefully-considered,” said Keith Kotel, President for Hallmark Home and Gifts. “When two brothers from the heartland, who shared a dedication to quality and an entrepreneurial spirit, started a company from a shoebox – and went on to change to the world. J.C. and Rollie comes from good stock.”

Our collection offers artisan quality to the independent specialty market, with hand-crafted products that can’t be found anywhere else:

· Heritage hand-blown glass vases with fluted and hobnail detailing.

· Hand-carved, reclaimed dough bowls, some up to three hundred years old.

· Statement cast iron candle holders, with hand-pooled glazes.

· Hand-formed clay planters inspired by vintage terracotta.

Across the collection, our one-of-a-kind pieces are each uniquely designed by craftsmen who take pride in their work. Like the brothers themselves, we put quality first – because we come from good stock.

The family of brands

J.C. and Rollie is only the newest addition to our family of brands, as it’s joining two other brands with passionate customers, Floor 9 and Easy, Tiger. Together, they represent a comprehensive portfolio of home décor and gifting goods for the specialty market.

Easy, Tiger

Vintage design, with a modern twist, and shaken with sarcasm.

At Easy, Tiger, we firmly believe that products can have personality, without becoming roadside souvenirs – and that our homes, and the things we surround ourselves with, are expressions of who we are. Witty, clever, and obviously not full of ourselves. At all.

Floor 9

Creating a life well-lived.

At Floor 9, we think design should fit our lives – slightly eclectic, never expected, and always well-done. We’re built on artisan intuition, with a focus on global design influences and unique finishes. Every creation feels free-spirited and visionary, because it comes from the mind of a maker.

New partnerships

In order to reach a broader audience than ever before, we’re proud to announce a partnership with OneCoast, the leading national sales and marketing company for gifts, garden, home, fashion and fragrance to specialty retailers throughout the United States. 

Beginning in December, OneCoast will offer exclusive representation for J.C. and Rollie, Floor 9, and Easy, Tiger, making this compelling collection available to specialty retailers and gift show nationwide.

“These brands all align with OneCoast’s values,” says John Keiser, CEO of OneCoast. “They’re created by passionate people that understand their brands and their consumers, which they reflect in every aspect of their product development and execution. The independent retailer will be delighted by the breadth and uniqueness of this product offering.”

Together with OneCoast’s unparalleled, wide-reaching network of specialty retailers, J.C. and Rollie, Floor 9, and Easy, Tiger are building a partnership that will offer great brands and unparalleled quality to the specialty market in 2019 and beyond.

Retailers can find J.C. and Rollie, Floor 9 and Easy, Tiger in the OneCoast showrooms this January in the following locations:

·  Atlanta: Showroom 1800 Bldg. 2 (January 8-15)

·  Dallas: Showroom 256 (January 16-22)

·  Las Vegas: Showroom C-801 (January 27-31)

To connect with a Sales Representative, retailers can go to .

75 Applewood Drive, Suite A
P.O. Box 128
Sparta, MI 49345
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