May 5, 2021
Growing consumer optimism prompts retail surge

According to just-released data from consumer intelligence firm Resonate, a provider of A.I.-driven consumer data and analytics, consumer optimism is on a tremendous upswing among Americans, and today’s retail and travel brands are poised to reap the benefits.

More than two-thirds (67.4%) of Americans are or intend to be vaccinated by June 2021, and this light at the end of the tunnel is prompting a rising eagerness to return to stores, restaurants, travel. Resonate’s ongoing COVID-19 and emerging issues research and analysis represent the only industry data set that captures the shifting sentiments of these audiences in real-time.

Shopping trends research.

Resonate’s latest wave of COVID-19 and emerging issues trend research suggests pandemic shopping trends are beginning to reverse, as 44.5% of consumers now say they’re eager to shop for clothing in person again. Indeed, in just one month, there’s been an 87% increase in the number of consumers who believe life will return to normal within one month. Activities like travel, which have been hardest hit since the onset of the pandemic, are also benefiting from this optimism, with a full third of consumers saying they now believe their leisure travel activities will resume by August 2021.

“As we move into summer, overall optimism is increasing among consumers, making this an important time for brands to ensure their marketing strategy is aligned with this rising tide of interest, particularly in the retail and travel sectors,” said Bryan Gernert, chief executive officer of Resonate. “As the economy begins to recover, brands that hope to catch the wave require real-time consumer data to enrich their existing data sets. This results in better decision-making around the products, experiences, and messages needed to capture the market as it evolves. Our data reveals that now is a key moment for retail and travel brands to capitalize on pent-up consumer demand.”

Highlights of emerging trends.

Other highlights from the 14th wave of Resonate’s wide-reaching COVID-19 and emerging issues trend research include the following:

  • Between December and April, there’s been a 106% increase in the number of consumers who say they’re completely likely to get the COVID-19 vaccine and a 137% increase in willingness to become vaccinated within one week of availability.
  • Between February and April, there’s been a 12% decline in the number of American consumers who are extremely worried about health consequences of the pandemic. There was also a 24% decrease between January and April in the number of consumers who are extremely concerned about the economy.
  • 37.5% believe the economy could be back to normal by October.
  • The number of people willing to go to crowded activities is growing, with a 28% month-over-month drop in those saying they’re avoiding crowded activities altogether.
  • Over just the past month, there was a 20% increase in people who are eating out more than once a week.

Resonate’s unprecedented COVID-19 research is being made available, free of charge, to help organizations thrive during this challenging economic time. For Resonate Ignite Platform customers, the data and insights are fully connected to their broad body of proprietary, privacy-safe research and available for activation across all channels. Customers are able to easily enrich their first-party data with this deep COVID-19 data set to uncover nuances relative to their brand, customers or products. Learn more about Resonate’s COVID-19 research and download the latest findings here.

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