November 30, 2020
Dallas Market Center and Brussels Trade Mart create global omnichannel marketplace

MarketTime, a provider of B2B software as a service (SaaS) solutions for the business of wholesale and retail, has secured an agreement with Brussels Trade Mart, Europe’s only permanent wholesale market center. MarketTime will provide Brussels Trade Mart with its proprietary platform for linking buyers and sellers together in a global, virtual marketplace.

MarketTime previously announced a partnership with Dallas Market Center, which will support its total operations including software solutions uniting manufacturers, sales teams and retailers. MarketTime is the only fully integrated, cloud based application solution marketplace platform supporting the complete customer ecosystem.

The Brussels Trade Mart agreement, together with the Dallas Market Center partnership, will create the first global omnichannel marketplace. The platform will bridge product discovery, ordering and selling between market center tenants and buyers of gift, home, lighting, floral, and apparel within Europe and the U.S. within a seamless, interoperable online platform. Brussels Trade Mart and Dallas Market Center share common ownership and have collaborated over the years exchanging ideas, operating philosophies and best practices.

“I congratulate Hemal and the MarketTime team on a powerful leap forward for global trade,” said Cindy Morris, president and CEO of Dallas Market Center. “Our shared goal is to broaden the reach of tenants in Dallas and Brussels to open new accounts with buyers around the globe and provide access to quality merchandise to help retailers thrive. This platform connecting Europe and the U.S. is a natural extension of our brick and mortar destinations and clearly sets us apart from any other market center or digital marketplace.”

“Thank you to Cindy and Dallas Market Center for the vision and the connection to the Brussels team. This agreement will unite two of the largest and most successful market centers in the world online and will create a truly global omnichannel marketplace benefitting buyers and sellers,” said Hemal Patel, founder and CEO of MarketTime. “We have been working with the Brussels Trade Mart and Dallas Market Center quietly and diligently for several months to ensure that our platform can address their individual needs and provide them with a seamless integration across both continents. Hundreds of thousands of buyers and sellers will have an immediate international buying and selling option not currently available to them. We are excited and feel blessed to be a part of this incredible team of market makers.”

Guy Stevens, general manager of the Brussels Trade Mart, echoed Hemal’s enthusiasm. “This alignment with Dallas and MarketTime is a game changer for us and a winning strategy delivering immediate benefits for brands and retailers. A frictionless global platform that removes trade borders and eliminates traditional barriers confronting physical locations will support customers around the clock and around the world. Importantly, MarketTime will not only serve our tenants but we see an opportunity to expand into the broader European marketplace. When Hemal presented the solution and even demonstrated embedded currency, language and communication exchanges and protocols, adopting MarketTime was an easy decision. The platform is fully operational and has a proven track record of successfully providing eCommerce applications for our industries for more than a decade. No other platform can claim such a position of success, and we simply can’t wait for a system to be built next year that requires testing. It is ready to serve our industries today,” Steven said.

To support MarketTime, Dallas Market Center and the Brussels Trade Mart are creating Experience Centers in their respective marketplaces to provide tenants and buyers hands-on demonstration experiences to explore the attributes and capabilities of this unique and powerful digital tool for their businesses. Both centers will be open for the upcoming January markets in 2021.

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