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April 29, 2022 • Sarah Schwartz
Quick Q&A with Victoria Venturi

Card wall at Paper Epiphanies stationery shop

Stationery Trends sat down to learn more about the face behind Paper Epiphanies, Victoria Venturi, who is the founder and creative director. Learn more about the founder in this insightful Q&A and about the business in the article #coolestcardstoreintheworld.

Victoria Venturi, founder and creative director of Paper Epiphanies
Victoria Venturi, founder and creative director. Photographs courtesy of Mikola Accuardi for Paper Epiphanies.

Q. There are some things that are timeless, like a little black dress or the perfect martini. What epitomizes “timeless” for you when it comes to stationery? 

A: Black and white letterpress. Always. 

Q. What have you learned about running a stationery and gift business that’s surprised you? 

A: Some people actually want cards that JUST say “Happy Mother’s Day” or “Happy Birthday” — like really people?! But, now we make those too. 

Q: What is the best buy under $50? 

A: Dame, Zee Vibrator $30 — efficient and great quality for the price. Dame is a female-owned and -founded brand that prioritizes female pleasure and wants to dismantle the patriarchy. 

Q: What is your best splurge? 

A: Assouline, Travel Series Book, $95. This book is luxurious and beautiful. Perfect for a nice gift or to treat yourself and looks STUNNING when stacked together on the shelf. We’re addicted. 

Q: If you were a stationery product, what would you be? 

A: A beautiful, double-thick cotton letterpress notecard that says “fuck it” in elegant black cursive. 

To learn even more about the business side of Paper Epiphanies, see #coolestcardstoreintheworld.

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