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October 28, 2021 •
Making a Statement: Carlson Craft helps customers’ personalities shine

The Clear Collection offers a number of unique products including acrylic invitations, like the
one seen above.

(Sponsored) Whether making an impression for a one-of-a-kind event or making someone’s holiday bright, Carlson Craft has just the thing — across categories and spanning multiple trends. A few of the latest new releases we’re excited to share with you include the Clear Collection, custom wrapping paper and personalized holiday ornaments. Carlson Craft’s Vice President of Marketing, Creative Services and Customer Service, Tara Sikel, shares a little more about what’s to come.

Q: What types of industry trends are you seeing that are influencing these recent collections from Carlson Craft?

A: We continue to see design trends all over the spectrum. Top trends include Traditional, Modern, Boho, Rustic, Whimsical, Minimalist and Romantic.

 Q: Tell us a little about the Clear Collection. When was it launched? What was the inspiration for this line?

A: We have always had some elements from the Clear Collection in our line — whether it was a translucent overlay, clear vellum insert or transparent wrap. However, we took this to a whole new level, expanding the look from an element of the design to its main feature. And, the look is so versatile! Add clear acrylic signage accented with floral arrangements for the reception and ceremony of your boho-themed wedding. Send out an acrylic invitation with a traditional font layout for a formal black-tie event, or add some elegance and romance to your reception tables with acrylic table numbers and menus.

Q: And what can customers expect with this collection?

A: The Clear Collection features 1/8-inch-thick acrylic wedding invitations with matching reception and response cards in styles that range from classic to contemporary, and we’re offering acrylic signs that will welcome guests and guide them through the ceremony and reception. Acrylic letters and numbers are also available, which can be used as signature boards or decorated in so many fun ways.

For the holidays, I love the updated look of our traditional cards featuring a transparent wrap, and the clean and modern look of digital printing on our flat vinyl cards is simply beautiful. Plus, customizable acrylic ornaments are coming soon!

Acrylic letters, as part of the Clear Collection, make the perfect addition to any party as décor or signature boards.

Q: What are you most excited about with the Clear Collection? And, what’s your personal favorite item?

A: I personally LOVE the full-color acrylic wedding invitations, and the idea of sending them in a box makes such a statement! I am also loving the large acrylic signage — it makes a big impression on guests walking into the ceremony or reception! And, I love the acrylic letter keepsakes. You can add photos and hang them as decor on your wall or set them on a table, or ask guests to add their signatures.

 Q: I heard you have a new wrapping paper line coming out as well. Can you share more about that? What makes it special?

Below, gift-givers can take personalization to the next level with personalized wrapping paper.

A: Yes! You can personalize the wrapping paper, and it’s reversible, so two designs are featured on one sheet. We have an option to upload your own wrapping paper design so you can truly customize the gift-giving experience — think birthday parties with themed wrapping paper or all the Christmas presents under the tree with a very specific theme in mind. I know I love it when my wrapping paper matches the style I have going on for the season in my home!

Q: With these products where clients can upload their own designs, it’s clear Carlson Craft is really working to emphasize its partnership with clients. How does the Clear Collection and the new wrapping paper line further that?

A: Yes, absolutely, they can upload their own artwork to create completely custom gift wrap. The Clear Collection does not include this option as of yet but we love to add custom options where we can as we know this is what our partners are looking for.

Q: How do you work together with retailers to make sure their customers are getting exactly what they want?

A: We keep talking to them! We love our partners, and they are great at communicating with us about the new products they are looking for.

 Q: These are both exciting collections that allow for personality to shine through. What sneak peeks can you offer into what’s coming from Carlson Craft? What’s next? 

A: Ornaments are right around the corner! In addition to the acrylic ornaments, we’re offering a line of metal ornaments, which can be customized with photos, text and choice of color! We might have already launched them by the time you are reading this! We’re also looking forward to launching a brand-new Accessories Collection with a 4-color catalog this Fall. It includes more than 80 new products — think toasting flutes, napkins, bridal party gifts, wedding ceremony and reception décor, cake toppers, and more!

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