July 6, 2022 •
Maker’s Corner: Maginating

{Sponsored} When it comes to feelings evoked from specific brands or products, there are a lot of words that may come to mind. But when customers open a greeting card from Maginating, a St. Louis-based company founded by film and television animator Brad Woods, there’s a very specific subset of feelings he wants his customers to experience.

“We strive to express what I call the five qualities of childlikeness,” Woods said. “Joy, innocence, whimsy, kindness and gentle humor.”

Although he has a background in animation, Woods says that isn’t his main design influence for Maginating’s greeting cards. Rather, he says they strive to evoke emotions that champion childlikeness.

“A lot of people might call it our ‘why,’ not a mission statement, but why we exist,” he said. “Striving to find joy in every moment, cherishing innocence, exercising a healthy dose of whimsy.”

With this in mind, Woods contributes to what he describes as what makes the greeting card industry a “lovely industry” — providing warm, heartfelt greetings to people no matter their season of life.

“You hear about these stories with those who have a difficult time expressing (their emotions), but find it in a greeting card,” Woods said. “Greeting cards can be so diverse, and can be so many things, but it defaults down to thoughtfulness, generosity, friendliness … nice things that are the common denominator for all those creating greeting cards.”

And when it comes to the championing of childlikeness, Woods also says Maginating is great for children and can help best encapsulate the feelings of a parent or loved one.

“Children cherish (greeting cards), and hold onto those for life to look back and be reminded, ‘dad loves me … I have proof,” Woods said. “Often, the starting might be the card, but the end is the message inside … genuine and unique to the person writing it.”

Before working with Leader Paper, Woods said the company’s envelopes were simple, and not overly different from what they have now — but the difference is quality. Maginating uses Kraft Speckletone, which he says has a “nice overall tone” and is a nice quality.

“(The envelope) makes a difference … it’s the first relationship a person has with a card when they receive the envelope,” Woods said. “They are cute and simple with a nice, clean square flap. Nothing fancy, but evoke a sense of quality and custom craftsmanship.”

And it’s not just the envelopes that Woods raves about, but the quality of the customer service provided by Leader Paper, as well — specifically his relationship with Sue Charlier, Leader Paper’s greeting card expert.

“(Working with Leader Paper) is everything I imagined it would be. Sue is thoughtful, kind, caring, patient, full of joy … she expresses the qualities of Maginating in her own Sue Charlier way.” Woods said. “ And with serious supply chain issues, she anticipated our needs accurately … I would recommend Leader to anyone.”

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