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December 6, 2021 • Debbie Eisele
Infused with Kindness

Inner Happiness 2022 collection from Smile Songs

Smile Songs creates dynamic cards and gifts that charm recipients with unique messages.

From a New York fashion designer to a designer and songwriter, Sharon Glassman’s mission is to create cards and gifts that “sing” and provide a way to spread love. Her experience as a professional storyteller — on pages and stages — has helped her creativity shine within her songs, graphics and messages through the Colorado business she founded, Smile Songs.

Sharon Glassman, designer, songwriter and founder of Smile Songs
Sharon Glassman, designer, songwriter and founder of Smile Songs, shows products featured in a recent issue of Stationery Trends.

“I started my business to fulfill a wish from my live music fans, who said: “If only we could take you home, so we  could feel the happiness of your songs and sunny vibe any time we want to smile! Coming from a creative services as well as a performing arts background, my response was: Challenge accepted,” Glassman detailed.

“I design with your happiness in mind and am here to help (retailers) delight customers with dynamic greeting cards and gifts whose art, music and messaging is charmingly original and emotionally timeless,” Glassman shared. All of Smile Songs’ designs are Made in the USA, which helps reduce shipping costs and delivery times for retailers.

Smile Songs designer and songwriter, Sharon Glassman


Glassman is a self-proclaimed “deep listener” and that this ability allows her to understand messages that customers seek. “I use my extensive experience in branding, creative services and a commitment to collaboration to bring (retailers) products that will make you and your customers smile,” she said. “I see our relationship as a 1+1=3, and I am super open to your feedback, suggestions and ideas. I’ve even made a video where I sing to you about how and what I do!”

Currently, buyers are able to shop for this designer’s offerings that are infused with kindness through a variety of platforms — Smile Songs website, Trada, Faire and Abound digital marketplaces and it also offers an interactive catalog that “sings” and stores can order directly from the catalog. Additionally, Glassman shared that she works with clients on rush orders, questions and other requests. “I’d love to hear from you!” she emphasized. For buyers that wish to connect, they may visit Smile Songs on Instagram and DM Glassman, or can simply email her for more information.

Smile Songs designer and songwriter, Sharon Glassman
Sharon Glassman, designer and songwriter, scans a QR code greeting card.

Glassman is a longtime student of yoga and “seva” — meaning service — is a very integral part of her nature. She explained she is a businesswoman, but she also is on a mission to server her “customers and stockists with cards and gifts that help them feel and share happiness, joy, encouragement, love and appreciation — and of course, fun!”

“I am so inspired by all of you in so many ways! Sometimes it can be hard to see all the joy and awesomeness we are creating as we do it. And that can feel tiring, especially in these unusual times,” she detailed. “But as your fan and friend on ‘Insta’, I cheer you on every day. (I) am inspired and supportive of all you do, AND am here to be of help to you in any way I can. To amplify, brainstorm, create and send good vibes. Because positive energy is what our beautiful stationery world is all about.” 

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