May 22, 2019 •
2019 Gift Trends

Gifts’ Form & Function

Form and function are more important than ever before, or as Shannnon Martin, Shannon Martin Design, described it: “beauty and practicality all wrapped up in one.” Seek “products that serve a purpose rather than just collect dust and are also lovely to look at,” she emphasized.

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Corkcicle. Circle 185.

What’s Hot

Meanwhile, “skin care is HOT,” noted Lisa Devo, co-founder, Soap & Paper Factory. “Skin care doesn’t have to be at a beauty counter anymore. Companies like Urban Outfitters & Anthropologie have really jumped in to the beauty market, and within that market, TREATMENT is big: masks, sheet masks, balms, moisturizers. Consumers are much more tuned in to natural as well, and they are looking at ingredients, so the more natural the better.”

Soap & Paper. Circle 190.

Tried and True

“We are a company obsessed with ephemera and pattern,” Devo continued. “To us, fresh, colorful packaging is IT!”

Printfresh. Circle 194.

“More than ever, I am inspired by kindness, as well as beauty. I find myself drawn to ‘feel goods,’ whether (the product) is a card, gift or something for myself or my home. But here’s the thing: The message has to be authentic and not too sappy or overused. I will say, I have never seen so much of the same thing out there in the world, it’s sometimes hard to wade through. Look for a fresh voice. Seek out simplicity and authenticity.” — Shannon Martin, Shannon Martin Design

Wild & Wolf. Circle 191.
Fiorentina. Circle 187.
Danica. Circle 186.
Compendium. Circle 189.
Made Market. Circle 188.
John Wind. Circle 192.
Paige & Willow. Circle 193.

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