June 9, 2021
Share Your Story: EverElling

Elizabeth Dalling, artist and owner of EverElling, reached out to Stationery Trends to tell us her story. Dalling opened EverElling exclusively as an online business in 2020. Besides obtaining occasional assistance from her husband, she runs this business on her own. 

Elizabeth Dalling, artist and owner of EverElling
Elizabeth Dalling, artist and owner of EverElling

Tell us about your business.

Elizabeth Dalling (ED): I started my business after getting laid off in 2020 due to the effects of the pandemic. I created a brand that believes encouragement goes a long way! I make greeting cards, art décor and stickers. I plan to expand my product line as I approach the first anniversary of my company.

Essentials Set from EverElling Happy Birthday Card from EverElling

Please describe how you approached the 2020 holiday selling season.

ED: With enthusiasm! I love holidays and being festive so I definitely create products that reflect this. So far we have made collections for the Christmas season and Valentine’s Day.

Baby Shower Greeting Card from EverElling

You're Beautiful Sticker from EverElling

What is the most requested product in inventory right now?

ED: Greeting cards and art prints.

Protea in White Frame from EverElling Happiness Wall Art from EverElling

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