March 6, 2019
Retailers and shoppers are counting down to March 17

In an article on February 28, 2019 by Katherine Cullen, director of industry and consumer insights at National Retail Federation (NRF), shopping trends leading up to the celebratory St. Patrick’s Day were discussed.

Cullen noted on average, shoppers will spend about an average of 40 dollars, according to a survey conducted by NRF and Prosper Insights & Analytics. The article also went on to share this special day spending has remained consistent, which was not necessarily the case for other holiday spending by consumers.

Retailers can benefit from marketing merchandise related to March 17.  Cullen shared, “While older generations might turn to more traditional St. Patrick’s Day celebrations like preparing a dinner of corned beef and cabbage or attending a parade, younger consumers wholeheartedly embrace the social aspects of the holiday, planning to spend an evening at a bar or restaurant or making party plans with friends. Notably, it’s younger men more than younger women who are putting on the party planning hat. Men under the age of 35 are twice as likely as their female counterparts to say they are planning to host a party.

If you are seeking additional information on how to market for this holiday, visit NRF’s website as it offers a special St. Patrick’s Day page which contains demographic and historical information.


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