April 4, 2019
Industry Profile: Twigs & Twirls

This woman-owned business allows founder and owner, Melissa Kean, to enjoy a life of flexibility to spend time with and enjoy her family, but also one of design and inspiration. Part of Twigs & Twirls mission is: “Decorating your moments and memories and Making Everyday a Celebration.” We had the opportunity to ask Kean about Twigs & Twirls and are excited to share what we learned.

Twigs & Twirls owner, Melissa Kean.

Stationery Trends (ST): How long has Twigs & Twirls been around?  

Melissa Kean (MK): I started my business almost six years ago in 2013.

ST: What was your main purpose when you started? 

MK: My hope when I started just a few days before my third child was born, was that I could earn a little extra income to contribute to Target runs, diapers, soccer uniforms and maybe someday a Disney vacation. Twigs & Twirls is my fortuitous second career, it has been a journey and a joy. Our mission is to provide the supplies, decorations and inspiration for others to make their life events special and memorable. I hope we can inspire and enable others to slow down, cherish each moment and Make everyday a celebration.

ST: What are some of your best-sellers? 

MK: Our eco-friendly paper straws and our balloons have been popular since the start. Especially confetti and glitter filled balloons because they are really pretty and absolutely amazing!  Right now, our Posh floral and metallic gold tableware collection is hugely popular as we move into spring, Mother’s Day and look forward to outdoor entertaining.

ST: Where do you source your products? 

MK: We source and manufacture domestically and from overseas; mainly from Australia and China.

ST: How do you determine which themes and styles will be popular? 

MK: My four little kids are a constant source of ideas and creativity and a reason to ever be planning a party and celebration. I’m just like my customers, I go with what catches my eye (what my girls like) and of course Pinterest and Instagram!

ST: Where do you find inspiration for décor ideas?  

MK: Just everyday life really. I don’t follow a particular method or strategy; I usually just stumble upon something and that evolves into a new product creation. I have found that browsing textiles, cell phone cases, day planners or just the mail order catalogs that get sent to my house are a great way to get color and pattern inspiration. As a busy working mom, I want entertaining to be special, look amazing but be practical in real life. I want the party decorations and supplies we offer to be 100% Pinterest-worthy, but that execute easily and well.

ST: Do you create balloon installations or ideas for your customers as well?  

MK: Yes to both! We provide physical installations here in the Portland metro area and we also regularly consult with our online customers so they can DIY a Pinterest party look regardless of where they live. We help them figure out the quantity, sizes, colors and necessary details to create their own dream balloon installation.

ST: Has the helium shortage had any effect on your sales?  

MK: Yes, as a small business it has been hard for me to secure a reliable source of helium to our local customers. I have had to limit what we are able to offer to our local clients because of this.


75 Applewood Drive, Suite A
P.O. Box 128
Sparta, MI 49345
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