January 13, 2022
IndieMe hosts virtual 5th Virtual Expo in February

IndieMe Marketplace, LLC, an online marketplace for retailers to source handmade American and Canadian artist-made craft, announced that it will hosts its 5th Virtual Expo, Feb. 2-8, 2022.

The IndieMe Marketplace has over 24 years in the handcrafted wholesale industry marketing and managing the online platform. In addition, the company has produced over 20 physical trade shows. The Virtual Expo is another option to the traditional trade shows.

“The year 2020 brought many challenges and forced us all to pivot and make changes to our business practices. Today Covid-19 cases are spiking and once again affecting the winter in-person trade shows. We believe our virtual expos are an important addition to the show calendar, giving buyers and artists an alternative as well as running concurrently with in-person shows. At IndieMe we continue to look for ways to keep moving forward with adding new features and marketing opportunities for our members,” Jacqueline Adamany, owner of IndieMe Marketplace, LLC explained.

5th IndieMe Marketplace Virtual Expo

“Our first two, wholesale, handcrafted virtual trade shows held during the summer of 2020 were a huge success; during our second expo in September 2020, orders placed, and buyers registered for the event grew by 68%. During our third and fourth Virtual Expos held February and September 2021, sales exceeded all our expectations, increasing by 87% over the 2nd Expo,” Adamany said.

“In all honesty, I did better here at this expo than I’ve done at the Chicago (Beckman’s and Roseville- when they had those) gift shows, Minneapolis, Seattle, or Atlanta. I’m just thrilled,”Alicia Randazzo of Oreb Lram Fine Casual Jewelry shared.

The expertise and industry-specific knowledge provided by IndieMe Marketplace, LLC, positions the company for the concept of a Virtual Expo. “We want to offer the option to stay home and shop. The Virtual Expo is structured like a traditional trade show: show specials by participating artists, giveaways and credits to buyers, and live events,” shared Adamany.

The Virtual Expo is free for qualified buyers and a nominal fee is charged to artists. IndieMe offers our buyers a fully integrated shopping cart. Buyers can shop, place items in carts and check out without ever leaving the IndieMe site. For more information, visit

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