July 31, 2020
Dallas Market Center releases statement on safety guidelines

Dallas Market Center released a statement on safety guidelines for its showrooms as well as contact information for questions related to upcoming shows. The statement read:

To Our Buyers:

I hope this email finds you well as many of you prepare for an upcoming visit to one of our markets or open house events in August. Your safety is our top priority, and we want you to be informed with the latest information and guidelines for a safe and productive trip to Dallas Market Center including details about showrooms and the latest health data for our community. We want you to feel well informed.

Over the past two weeks, we have been extremely encouraged by the sharp decline in local COVID-19 cases: down by as much as 50%. The latest data also show that among all Dallas County ZIP codes, the neighborhood that includes Dallas Market Center has the lowest vulnerability numbers. I don’t want to overstate things but this latest news is good news for our community.

Since we reopened our doors on May 4 we have in place strict safety measures from entry to exit to support good health. These include mandatory temperature checks for each person entering the buildings, a mask requirement, and contactless registration when you pre-register (hint: register now via the front page of our website and you’ll receive your FastPass via email. When you arrive you’ll skip the lines to scan, print, and enter). We also have plenty of signs for keeping 6-feet apart and natural design features such as wide entries and hallways as well as multiple escalators.

All of our health and safety guidelines are available online, both in a quick list but also the comprehensive plan. Please review each of them.

Permanent showrooms are the heartbeat of our marketplace, and I’m pleased to let you know that more than 90% of our permanent showrooms will be open across all categories in August. We encourage you to call ahead to check but the vast majority of exhibitors will be ready for your business.

Temps will also be an important part of August Markets. In fact, we are perhaps the only marketplace featuring Temps this summer. We will have more than 400 Temps across all shows with a layout that allows exhibitors the space they need while also showcasing lots of new products. The latest list of Temps is available on our website and app.

As we approach our upcoming events I want to assure you that we will continue to do all we can to support a marketplace that balances good business with good health.

I want to close by making sure that the lines of communication remain open for any questions, concerns or ideas you might have. Please reach out to one of our team members:

Apparel & Accessories: Amy Harper, 214-655-6144, [email protected]
Gift: Richard Wisnieski, 214-879-8117, [email protected]
Home/Design: Michael Bauer, 214-760-2834, [email protected]
Lighting: Leigha Lugo, 214-655-6186, [email protected]
Major Stores: Meredith King, 214-655-6221, [email protected]





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