September 1, 2019
All She Wrote Notes owner embarks on tour and releases her first book

In July during the Summer Las Vegas Market, Gift + Stationery 40 Under 40 Award recipient Maghon Taylor from All She Wrote Notes shared with us that she published a book and was launching a six-week long book tour. Currently, Maghon is traveling and sharing her book, Happy Hand Lettering published with DaySpring, in multiple states and cities, but Stationery Trends caught up with her to learn more about her new adventure. 

When was your book Happy Hand Lettering released? 

Maghon Taylor (MT): Aug 6, 2019

What inspired you to write this book? 

MT: I have been traveling the southeast teaching my happy hand lettering classes for almost six years now and I saw the book as an amazing opportunity to further my mission of spreading happiness through my handwriting on an even larger scale. I wanted to teach hand lettering in the fun and approachable way that I do in my in-person classes, but I was also excited to be able to have more time to go into the deeper meaning behind my stories and incorporate my faith, as well. 

Do you have a professional mentor, or someone close to you that has pushed you and whose support caused you to take a leap of faith and try something new, something different? If so, tell us about the value of a mentor or support system.

MT: I have the best friends in the world! I have been so lucky to have been surrounded by encouraging women since the very beginning of my business. Some are fellow business owners that I look up to and others are neighbors and girlfriends who cheer me on from home. I lean on different friends at different times, but investing in a business mastermind group has been a really great tool for accountability. I have worked with my business coach, Joy Cho of Oh Joy, and I have also been an active member of Amber Housley’s Inspired Coterie Mastermind since 2017. Attending conferences and events has been instrumental in my ability to grow friendships offline and surround myself with peers that have like-minded goals and dreams.

What do you want readers to know about the content you provide?

MT: I am on a mission to spread happiness through my handwriting, so that’s what you will see in everything that I do. I love bright colors, positive messages and things that will make you smile and look for the good in life.

On your website, you have named your book tour Confetti Caravan, what is this term in reference to? 

MT: Since a lot of my trip was drivable, I decked out my white SUV with colorful confetti magnets. I wanted it to be a visual representation of my brand on the road, but also an exciting feature at each launch party. #Carfetti, as it was eventually called, embodies the celebratory spirit of All She Wrote Notes, but also is a reminder of my confetti story and how I encourage all of my students to turn their mistakes into confetti. So often in life we are striving for perfection, but I am just aiming for joy! I encourage my followers that they don’t have to be perfect to be good, and that I quite literally make mistakes every day and turn them into confetti. The deeper meaning was shared for the first time alongside the book launch and can be found at

What do you hope comes out of the book tour?

MT: I want this trip to serve as a happiness mission all across the Southeast. I want to hug as many necks and thank as many people as possible. I think that anyone could teach you the alphabet, but I have a heartfelt message of hope that I employ every chance I get. I pray that I am able to reach people in these new cities that I may not have met otherwise and that I leave them a little happier than they were when I found them. Businesswise, I hope this is a chance to turn average customers into raving fans. I hope that they will share their experience on social media and help me find new followers, fans and customers that are my ideal clients, too!

How does the tour impact your everyday business?

MT: I am a solo-preneur so this is definitely a struggle. Since I am away for the better part of six weeks, I have dialed back shipping orders and did not launch a back to school collection this year since I am not here to make it or ship it. My book officially launched August 6, but I didn’t sell it myself until August 13 because I didn’t want to get too far behind on orders. I did not choose to shut down the shop or suspend shipping, I just kept up an out of office message that I was traveling and for people to expect delays. I also updated shipping times on my website and purposefully did NOT send marketing emails about products that would lead to an influx of orders until I was home and ready to receive them. Most weeks during the tour I was in the studio for 1-2 days and I have spent that time shipping as fast as I could. My customers know I have been on the road and they have given me SO much grace with their orders. 

Do you have any plans for a new book?

MT: I have a dream in my heart for a children’s book sharing my “mistakes into confetti” message. I’ve already written and started illustrating, just praying for the right publishing team.

Do you offer the book to retailers at wholesale? If so, where can they learn more about your book and minimum quantities needed?

MT: My publisher DaySpring does! They sell them wholesale and the opening order is $250, which is about 25 wholesale books since they retail for $20. If you’re looking for a personalized copy though, I sell those on my website at

Maghon Taylor All She Wrote Notes receiving her Gift + Stationery 40 Under 40 Award 2019

What has winning the 40 Under 40 Award meant to you? 

MT: This was a bucket list dream for me that I couldn’t even believe came true. I have respected Stationery Trends and Gift Shop Magazine since I first entered the industry in 2013. It’s amazing to have won this award at only 32 years old. It was most certainly a joy to travel to Vegas with one of my best friends (and person who nominated me) Ashley Miller. I was SO surprised to learn that she took the time out of a crazy overwhelming year to nominate ME for this. It reminded me that we are ALL on the same team. That when one of us wins as women, we all win. That we don’t need to be in competition, we can be cheerleaders instead. I loved being able to share about the awards ceremony on all of my social media feeds and I definitely dusted off my bio to add that amazing accolade.

Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

MT: “If you work really hard, and you are kind, amazing things will happen!” This is a Conan O’Brien quote, but it is everything that I try my best to live by and I wholeheartedly believe this to be true. I am living proof.

What cities will you be visiting during your Confetti Caravan book tour? 

MT: I teach classes every week (and have for years) but specific tour dates are listed on the website. For more information on, visit

Happy Hand Lettering Book Tour Locations


  • Birmingham


  • Siloam Springs
  • Springdale


  • Atlanta

North Carolina

  • Charlotte
  • Greensboro 
  • Chapel Hill
  • Wilmington
  • Garner
  • Winston-Salem

South Carolina

  • Greenville


  • Nashville


  • Dallas


  • Richmond


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