Rose Quartz Harmony Pendant from Crystal Pet Love

Pampered Pets

A product category that offers pet owners an ability to splurge As of 2016, there were 90 million dogs and 94 million cats, according to the Pet Prod... READ MORE »

Botanic Babe Pocket Notebook from Amy Zhang

Pocket Notebooks

Notebook products that offer customers plenty of options Those who like this category really like this category — so if this is your customer, have... READ MORE »

Tatta Pencils from AMIECO


These writing and drawing instruments are still a go-to item for shoppers If you think all pencils are essentially the same, it’s time to take anot... READ MORE »

Mind Over Matter Bracelet from Jenny Present

Loquacious Jewelry

Products with upbeat, feel-good aphorisms Upbeat, feel-good aphorisms that have populated the stationery product category for so long have found a ne... READ MORE »

Body and Massage Oils from Natural Selection


Products that provides peace and serenity It’s a crazy world out there! These pieces defuse it all by integrating some much-needed peace and sanity... READ MORE »

Sketch Wallet from Jac Zagoory

Design-Driven DIY

A product category that nurtures the creative muse. These pieces make it easy to integrate a new skill into a busy lifestyle. OOLY Three by Thr... READ MORE »

Wish You Were Beer Card from ilootpaperie


Products with humor offer unforgettable inspiration for impulse buys and purposeful purchases By turns clever and a bit campy, puns manage to encapsu... READ MORE »

Black and white paint splatter design stationery from Paper Epiphanies

Paint Splatter Designs

Products with these artistic elements are ones that shoppers adore Yes, these look a little messy. But, in transforming what was once considered a mi... READ MORE »

Map card from Sincerely McQueen

Maps in Stationery and Gift Categories

Transformation of an age-old product into new uses and messages helps retailers capture the interest of those who enjoy geography There is no need to... READ MORE »

Holographic Foil Washi Tape from Beve

Holographic Foils

Stationery and gifts that beg shoppers to stop and take notice Want your displays to pop? Try integrating some of these products — and try juxtapos... READ MORE »

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