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January 6, 2022 • Sarah Schwartz
Ten Designers to Watch in 2022: Oana Befort

Oana Befort's iconic design selection

Oana Befort of Oana Befort is one of the Ten Designers to Watch in 2022. Read more about her in this Q&A.

Oana Befort, owner and founder of Oana Befort
Oana Befort

Aesthetic of the Line?

Built around the idea of thoughtful connection and communication with loved ones, this stationery line is my creative outlet reflecting my passion for illustration and design. My work is rooted in the endless beauty of the natural world, the elegance of botanical elements, the timeless folklore motifs of my Romanian roots, and hints of fauna sweetness.

Current Bestseller?

Matilija Poppies birthday card, featuring elegant desert flowers, a sweet pollinator, and rose-gold foil letterpress lettering.

Oana Befort's current best-selling card
Matilija Poppies Birthday Card

Personal Favorite?

Garden Vase. The art is bright, positive, and versatile.

Greeting card featuring a vase from Oana Befort
Garden Vase

Surprise Hit?

Hello Snail everyday card. Who knew snails and mushrooms are so popular? This was one of the first items that I sold online; I recently repainted it to make several tweaks.

Oana Befort's surprise greeting card hit
Hello Snail Everyday Card

Iconic Selection?

My nine letter writing sets. I’ve been blown away by the response, and I’m so grateful and happy that people still cherish the art of letter writing. The envelopes are also available in boxed sets.

Oana Befort's iconic design selection
Writing Letter Sets

Favorite Color?

This is hard to answer, I love so many and favorites always take turns, but I can say that my favorite this year has been sage green.

Current Design Obsession?

Stamps! My dad gifted me his stamp collection a few years ago, the same one I used to gather inspiration from as a kid, and now I am expanding it. It’s incredible how such small art pieces can have so much impact and beauty while traveling around the world.

Favorite Flower?

So hard to choose, but the first one that came to mind is peony. I’m always inspired by its lush, elegant, and velvety soft petals.

Favorite Indulgence?

Sleeping in and coffee in bed. Saturdays are perfect for that.

Oana Befort logo

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