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January 12, 2022 • Sarah Schwartz
Ten Designers to Watch in 2022: Catherine Hildner

Iconic selections from Kitty Meow Boutique

Catherine Hildner from Kitty Meow Boutique is one of the Ten Designers to Watch in 2022. Read more about her in this Q&A.

Catherine Hildner of Kitty Meow Boutique
Catherine Hildner

Aesthetic of the Line?

Kitty Meow is all about a sexy and sophisticated design aesthetic juxtaposed with an empowering, sometimes funny, saying that is exactly what you might be thinking but have a hard time articulating. Think of Kitty Meow designs as your sexiest outfit that makes you feel confident AF with a fun personality to back it up.

Current Bestseller?

Crazy Ass Birthday Card, for that amazing friend who is totally crazy, but in the best of ways!

Best-seller, Crazy Ass Birthday Card, from Kitty Meow Boutique
Crazy Ass Birthday Card

Personal Favorite?

Cheering You On From Across the Computer Screen. Honestly, ALL of my favorite friends are business buds from across the computer screen lately. This card is to show my love and appreciation towards them.

Cheering You On Card from Kitty Meow Boutique is Catherine Hildner's personal favorite
Cheering You On From Across the Computer Screen

Surprise Hit?

Life Sucks Card. Life is really beautiful most of the time, but sometimes it really does suck and I guess you need to have a good laugh about it!

Witty Life Sucks Card from Kitty Meow Boutique was a surprise hit
Life Sucks Card

Iconic Selection?

The Entrepreneur Collection, perfect to say thank you to your most fab client, to cheer on your social media bestie, and show gratitude for the people who make your business grow.

Small Business Greeting Cards from Kitty Meow Boutique are its iconic selections
The Entrepreneur Collection

Favorite Color?

Red Lipstick! I have so many. It’s kind of a problem.

Current Design Obsession?

My ride or die design obsession has always been sexy typography. It’s taken me over a decade to perfect my signature Kitty Meow style, but mixing typefaces is definitely my jam.

Favorite Flower?

I have a gorgeous blush, peony print from photographer and fellow stationer Tal Shpantzer and it’s my fave!

Favorite Indulgence?

Designer bags & shoes — and definitely mac and cheese!

Kitty Meow Boutique logo

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