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January 7, 2022 • Sarah Schwartz
Ten Designers to Watch in 2022: Ali Flippin

Ali Flippin from E. Frances Paper is one of the Ten Designers to Watch in 2022. Read more about her in this Q&A.

E. Frances Paper, painted headshot of Ali Flippin
A painted headshot of Ali Flippin

Aesthetic of the Line?

We call it prute (pretty plus cute). We have tried in vain for years to find an appropriate synonym but alas, we finally just made up our own.

Current Bestseller?

Big Heart Little Notes. Past, current, and probably everlasting bestseller. Can’t keep this one in stock because … well, who in this world can’t use a big huge heart?

E. Frances Paper's best-seller, Big Heart Little Notes
Big Heart Little Notes

Personal Favorite?

Million Year Hug. It just slays me.

Ali Flippin's favorite offering Million Year Hug Card
Million Year Hug

Surprise Hit?

So Hot greeting card. When I drew it, it was just a sketch on the corner of my notebook for fun … but we thought we could try it on a real card. And wowzers, people love that card (especially the back)!

E. Frances Paper's surprise hit card selection
So Hot

Iconic Selection?

Anything with Frankie the whale. Frankie is our mascot and guiding force, named after our grandmother.

E. Frances Paper's iconic offering, Swimming Frankies
Swimming Frankies

Favorite Color?

Shipping box brown. Because our favorite thing is seeing all those boxes go out to all those happy recipients! (And we love our UPS man!) Current Design Obsession? The challenge of designing new products and packaging without plastic! Visit our site, to see what we’re doing.

Favorite Flour?

Almond, but any gluten free, really.

Favorite Indulgence?

Laughing and eating with my sister and cousin, aka business partners.

E. Frances Paper logo

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