January 29, 2022 • Sarah Schwartz
Natural Growth

Blooming Card offerings from Emily Rae Carlson

Whereas simple delights were once regarded as simply boring, they have new resonance due to their universality and attainability. We may not agree on much, but we can all enjoy an unspoiled landscape or floral still life, like this blooming card blend of new releases and top sellers from Emily Rae Carlson Paper Goods (image above) However, floral and woodland themes have far deeper roots and nuances than it appears on the surface, as you’ll see as you forge a path through these Fresh Picks as featured in Stationery Trends Winter 2022 issue.

Floral Fresh Picks

Tiny Delights Sticker from Kwohtations

Woodland Fresh Picks

Socrates Sticker from Lucy Loves Paper
Lucy Loves Paper

Stationery Trends ST Spring 2024 cover
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