October 6, 2010 • Sarah Schwartz
Editor’s Letter: Time and Space

Recently, while looking for something else, I stumbled across my own birth announcement. It was nothing like the sumptuous creations that fill this issue, or even the custom letterpressed design we sent out when my daughter was born four years ago (the creation and mailing of which preoccupied me for weeks).

Rather, I suspect mine was pretty standard fare for 1969, probably purchased at the hospital gift shop. The self-enclosed, fill-in mailer was printed in both pink and blue for a versatile one-size-fits-all quality. Back then, filling them in as well as addressing and stamping them was most likely the perfect activity for new moms to fill the lengthy post-natal hospital stay.

What really strikes me is that although my announcement has long served its purpose, it has an altogether new meaning today. It’s a relic, a remnant of the past and part of who I am. I think that quality is often forgotten as new moms select their birth announcements, or brides-to-be shop their bridal trousseaus. Over time, these papers become personal histories, not just traveling though space but also time to remind us of the early days, which, while they may not always be halcyon, will probably be remembered that way.

This is always a good reminder to give your customers: that these important papers have not just one but two lives. This is especially important when it comes to selecting a design. One wants to be contemporary but not too up-to-the-minute, in order to avoid what Jenny Morgan of a Fresh Bunch calls a “what-was-I-thinking moment.”

Straddling the trendy with the timeless can be a daunting task, especially when the customer in question is overwhelmed enough with her big event, be it an upcoming wedding, a forthcoming baby or some other major milestone. Those are the times in life when checking an item off a list can overshadow common sense – which also makes them the times when a cool-headed, objective expert is most welcome.

To help you deliver the freshest looks in a classic package that will look good for generations, we’ve compiled a collection of the most cutting edge mom and baby trends – encapsulated in tasteful offerings sure to endure for the ages. But don’t stop there — our fall issue holds a lot more in store, so sit back, read and enjoy! And don’t forget to e-mail me at my brand-new e-mail address, [email protected], with any questions, comments or concerns.

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